4.2 Types of Research Studies

This lesson explains different types of research studies that Citizen Scientists are likely to encounter, including the similarities and differences across types. Some questions to consider while completing this lesson include:

  • How does a pragmatic study differ from a randomized control study?
  • For what reasons might a researcher choose to conduct an observational study instead of an experimental study?
  • Why would a double-blind study be beneficial to the research team?

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the differences between a randomized control trial and an observational research study
  • List an example of comparative effectiveness research
  • Discuss the purpose of a pragmatic research study

Video Tutorial

Presented By: Ramzi Salloum


Practice Activity

Instructions: After watching the video tutorial, complete the following practice assessment. Choose the best answer for each question, and check your response for immediate feedback.



What makes a proposed study a really excellent study?