2.4 Consent for Research vs Clinical Care

This lesson discusses the differences in agreeing to participate in a research study compared to agreeing to be treated for an illness or injury. Some questions to consider while completing this lesson include:

  • What are the different types of informed consent for minimal risk research or clinical care?
  • For what types of topics might a minor be glad they do not need parental consent?
  • How might I react if asked to consent for research in a high stress environment, such as the Emergency Department?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify differences between consent for clinical care and consent for research participation
  • Understand the environment in which clinical research is conducted and how consents for clinical care, research, and HIPAA authorization are related
  • Apply understanding of consent to real-world examples

Video Tutorial

Presented By: Katie Eddleton

 Practice Activity

Instructions: After watching the video tutorial, complete the following practice assessment. Choose the best answer for each question, and check your response for immediate feedback.



What advice would you give to new Citizen Scientists?