1.3 New Employee Orientation

Site-Specific Content

In this lesson, you will be reviewing new employee orientation for the University of Florida (UF) Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics, as well as completing required training from UF. This training includes training in HIPAA and preventing harassment. Please contact your supervisor with any questions about training requirements.

Resources for New Citizen Scientists

  • UF Citizen Scientist New Hire packet
    This packet will help orient you to policies and procedures both at the University and within the UF Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics.
  • Accessing myUFL
    Once you have a GatorLink account, you will need to know how to access myUFL, where you will go to enter your time into the payroll system, access trainings, and keep your personal contact information updated.
  • Entering Time- OPS
    Save this as a resource to help guide you through entering your time worked into the UF system.
  • Pay Calendar
    This document lists the dates that your hours worked must be entered into the system. Pay dates and pay periods are also highlighted here, and examples are given to help demonstrate how the process works.
  • Acronyms and Glossary
    The medical field uses a lot of acronyms. This list will help you identify some of these, as well as define terms you may hear in your role as a Citizen Scientist. Feel free to add your own acronyms and definitions to this list so that it becomes a helpful tool for you.

Use your GatorLink credentials to access the MyTraining site at mytraining.hr.ufl.edu. You will need to find these courses using the search function, and then register for each. After watching the course content, you will need to take and pass the assessment for each of these courses. Please submit your certificates of completion to your supervisor upon completion of these training courses.

  • HIPAA and Privacy
  • Safe and Respectful Campus
  • Protecting UF: Information Security Training
  • Managing Bias
  • At-Risk/Kognito- Faculty and Staff
  • IRB- covered in a subsequent lesson in this course
  • New Employee Challenge (2 parts)



Why did you want to become a Citizen Scientist?